Urban Tour San Jose

San Jose Urban Tour

San Jose is the largest city in the country. San Jose is in the center of the country and becomes the center of economic, cultural and social activity of Costa Rica. It founded in 1848 with a population of 1.600.000.00 inhabitants. A very important asset for its history, is named in honor of a saint named Joseph of Nazareth, the population began to grow in 1737. It is a province of flat terrain, mountains and rivers. It also has temperature variations depending on time of year. You can still see some old buildings influenced by European culture brought by our top coffee exporters.

This province has all the services among which the higher education as there are 50 private and 5 public universities, also has major specialist hospitals in the country as well as transport and airport buses to all destinations, taxi and train to the provinces of Cartago, Heredia and Alajuela soon.

We will know a little more of our capital and our culture.

Duration: 5-6 hours

What to bring: sunscreen, walking shoes and camera.

The tour includes: Transportation - sodas or juice and water - bilingual guide.

Lunch is optional *

Tour recommended for cruise travelers *

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